Private Instagram Account Viewer 2022

A Lot of people prefer to leave their private Account on Instagram, so they prevent strangers users from visiting your profile and seeing your photos, videos, and other types of posts.

When people use this option it’s because they don’t want to expose themselves, because despite being on a social network, some prefer to share their content only with acquaintances, family and friends.

People enable this option for another reason: to do some sort of account marketing. Because some possible followers are curious about the content that the person wants so much to hide, and end up asking permission to follow.

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But the vast majority of users want their posts to arrive for as many people as possible, so they leave their accounts open and anyone can visit your profile.

You can enable these options yourself at any time, sometimes by opting for an open account, sometimes placing it as private. But then an important question arises:

How do I see a private Account on Instagram? Is it possible? In this text, we will explain all the details.

How to put a private account on Instagram?

Before you find out if you can view a private account on Instagram, it’s interesting to understand how the engine works. To activate it in your account is very simple, just follow it step by step.

● Open Instagram;

● Click on your profile;

● Select settings;

● Go to the privacy menu;

● The first item is the “private account”, next to it there is a button, and just activate it to make it blue.

Ready! You’ve learned how to activate a private account on Instagram. But now you must be thinking? If there is a way to circumvent the feature, there is no point in enabling this option.

But it’s not like that. Most people don’t even consider trying to view a private account. When they try to access a profile and realize that it’s not available to the public, they give up trying to view it.

Thus, this feature is very useful to protect your account from most Instagram users.

After all, can you really see a private Instagram account?

view private instagram account
View private instagram account

A simple answer is yes. You can view a private account on Instagram. The engine is not 100% efficient and has some loopholes that can be used by more insistent users.

Who has never gone through the unpleasant experience of searching for someone on Instagram or finding a profile that you feel will be interesting, but realize that the account is private.

In this situation, all we can see is a profile photo and the name, which only increases our curiosity.

It’s important to  use such resources with innocent intentions; out of mere curiosity, or for looking for new friends. And to find out if the person you want to follow has common interests and produces content that will please you, the only way is by accessing their posts.

So if you don’t want to use this feature to harm someone, or for some illicit purpose, check out some ways to view a private Instagram account below.

Accessing private Account on Instagram through apps

The most convenient way to view private accounts on Instagram is by using some free apps. This way you can view the desired profile in a few minutes, without having to make major settings.

When you use this option,, you do not need to know programming or be an expert in the social network or any other system.

Let’s introduce 3 apps that everyone can use.


This app features a brilliant profile spy, which allows you to view any private account on Instagram.

The best thing about Instalooker is that it has a version that works 100% online, meaning you don’t need to download anything to keep filling your phone’s memory, just do it all through the site.

● Visit the Instalooker website;

● Click “Peek now” or “Get Started”;

● On the next page there are detailed instructions on how to view a private Account on Instagram;

● The first step is to put the name of the user you want to stalkear in a box at the end of the page, then click on “Check Username”;

● The Instagram address of the profile you want to view will appear. Click “Confirm”;

● On the next page you will need to solve a Captcha;

● After solving the little puzzle, you will be able to access the requested account.

Very simple, isn’t it? And if you’re in doubt about the security and provenance of the site, you can find some information about it on the homepage.

There is a menu explaining the features, another with FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, and also an option talking about the mission of the page.


InstaRipper is a popular application for viewing profiles and performing tasks. Unlike the previous option, you’ll need to download it to get access to the resources. However, it works on several platforms: Windows, IOS, Android and Mac.

To view private account on Instagram through the app, you need to perform a very simple procedure:

● Download instaripper app;

● Install it;

● Enter the user you want to spy on and have access to all the information;


This is our third free app, which can be downloaded for Android, IOS, Mac and Windows. It allows full access to the private account on Instagram, plus many other options.

It is a very complete spy application. After installing it, you need to inform your personal Instagram account, and only then will you be able to search the profiles of interest.

We can find a lot of  other apps that perform free functions, but the ones we mention are among the most famous. There are also paid options if you want access to an app with more features but fast and without advertisements.

If you’re going to use a different option, always stay tuned and make sure the app is really reliable. Because these spy systems can end up stealing your information or even damaging your devices.

Do these apps really work?

We showed some apps that promise to view private accounts on Instagram and there are people who claim they’ve been able to use them. But the social network ensures that this is impossible, and that your system is protected against this type of unauthorized access.

In theory, a private account remains that way until the user makes it public. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try. Then use the apps yourself to take the proof.

Accessing private account on Instagram in a way that really works

When you really need to access an account that is marked as private, you must be extremely curious about its content. However, if the above applications don’t work, there’s still a way to access it.

You may have to wait a while, but the most common and secure way to view a private account on Instagram is by sending the user a request to follow.

It may sound silly, but most people don’t do that. When they come across a private profile, the user soon thinks that the person will not accept a stranger and only allows people from their social circle.

But maybe that’s not exactly true.

When a user denies access to your page on a social network they may just want to protect themselves and better filter friends. Then, upon receiving the request from a new follower, that person will consider the possibility of including it in your contacts.

This means that if you leave your profile public, the user you want to follow and who has the private Account on Instagram will access your page to see what kind of person you seem to be and the interests they may have in common.

So if the user likes you, you’ll probably let them follow you, so you can view photos, stories, and even chat privately.

What to do if the person does not accept me as a follower?

If you sent the invitation, waited for a response for a few days and still do not have access to the private account on Instagram, unfortunately there is a strong indication that the person does not want to accept it.

However, if it is very important for you to follow this profile, there is the option to create another page on Instagram.

The person you want to follow may not have liked the things you posted on your profile, so the way is to try to please on a new page with different content.

If you know something about the owner of the profile of interest, for example, the niche he works in or the type of movie he likes, then it’s time to start posting things about it on his new page.

Then resubmit the request to follow and wait for your access to be authorized this time.

What do I do to not lose access to a private Instagram account?

We often try very hard to view a private Instagram account. And after someone we find so interesting has accepted us as a follower, we need to take some care not to be excluded.

It happens that several people, excited to be accepted by someone they admire, begin to interact in a way that comes to bother, especially when it is not a famous profile.

Things like commenting on all posts, texting privately or reposting photos, can scare the user you like. So avoid being too invasive not to be blocked or deleted.

I accepted inopportune users on my private Instagram account. What do I do now?

Maybe you are on the other side and are the person who has accepted a follower into your private account, the terrible situation described in the previous item may occur, where the person does not respect your space.

Some people think that social networks are places to do whatever you want and say what you want; which makes it an environment where users are persecuted, humiliated and threatened.

If you’re facing a follower like this, there are two options to get rid of it:

Blocking or removing.

How do I block someone on Instagram?

The lock option makes your profile completely invisible to the person. That is, she won’t be able to see any of her posts, photos, videos or stories.

Not even if the person searches for her account, they will be able to find it. It will be as if your profile has been deleted.

To perform the procedure, follow the step by step:

● Open Instagram;

● Click on your profile;

● Go on followers;

● Enter the profile of the unwanted follower;

● Click on the menu on the upper right side;

● Select the lock option.

How do I remove someone from my Instagram?

The remove button is a little more radical. Think with me. In the block option the user may be in doubt as to why they are not viewing your account: they may think that you deleted or suspended it.

However, if you remove someone, they can search for your page and realize that they’ve been excluded from the follower relationship. And if you have a private Account on Instagram, this user won’t be able to see anything that’s posted.

To activate this function, the method is quite simple:

● Access your Instagram;

● Click on your profile;

● Select the followers button;

● Look for the follower you no longer want and click remove.


On the internet we find hundreds of websites that promise quick and practical ways to access a private account on Instagram. But know that not all of these methods have been proven.

The best thing to do is to test one by one or simply create a different profile to follow the person.

Instagram is a gigantic social network and stirs the imagination of everyone, who ends up interested in following various accounts to see details of the lives of famous, rich or ordinary people. That’s why this kind of research is very popular.

But even if you can’t view a private account, don’t worry, search for the user on other networks or search for others with interesting content and a public profile.


Is Instagram From Facebook?

Yes. These two social networks are not competitors. The idea is that they work in an integrated way. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012.

Is Instagram the most used social network?

Despite its incredible popularity, the answer is no. Instagram is currently the fourth most used social network. The giant Facebook follows first.

Is Instagram monetized?

The platform is testing ways to pay its influencers. In a short time we should have a monetization system similar to that of Youtube.

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