What is a Snapchat Streak? Complete Guide

Understand how Snapchat Streak works and what to do when you lose your streak. Learn how to contact Snapchat support

Have you heard about the Snapchat Streak? This app function has become very popular among young people as it makes the app much more fun and dynamic. With this option, your view of Snapchat will never be the same again.

But, if you haven’t used the novelty yet, or don’t know how it works, stay tuned for the information in this text so you don’t miss any details. By the end of reading, you will get to know the app a little better.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging social network. This setting makes us immediately remember other famous apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Just like these apps, Snapchat allows users to exchange messages and upload photos and videos. But the big difference of this app is that the content sent can only be seen once and then disappears.

When sending something, you can configure the viewing time, which can be a maximum of 10 seconds. Having this totally dynamic style, it’s easy to understand why Snapchat has become so popular, as younger people tend to really like this relaxed style of communication that will quickly get lost.

However, the fact that the message can only be viewed once encourages many young people to send intimate photos, so it is important for parents to be aware and talk to their children about the risks posed by this type of practice.

What is a Snapchat Streak?

We have come to the most important moment of this text. A Snapchat Streak is basically the number of days in a row that two people interacted on the app by sending photos and videos. So, when you send a photo to a friend and the person responds with another photo within 24 hours, then the count starts. The more days you persist in the game, the higher the result will be shown on the counter.

But remember, a Snapchat Streak is only valid for photos and videos uploaded within 24 hours. If this limit is not respected, the count will be reset and friends have to start all over again.

So, to keep your streak going for as many days as possible, don’t forget to remind your friend daily to upload a photo. Snapchat Streak is also not valid for group interactions.

To track your results, just look at the contact in question. A Streak appears as a small image of a flame along with the number of days in a row. Only the two people participating in the conversation can have access to this data.

Why do people love using Snapchat Streak so much?

One of the reasons young people love this role so much is the sense of competition it represents. Because, some users want to show that they have very strong and close friendships, to the point that the other person remembers to send a photo or video within 24 hours for several days in a row.

How to get a streak back?

How to get  a streak back
How to get a streak back

Maintaining your Snapchat Streak isn’t as easy as it sounds. Well, nowadays people are very busy and full of worries. So, it’s common for someone to forget to keep up the sequence by sending a photo or video within 24 hours. When this happens, a long streak can end, which generates a lot of frustration for those involved.

Well, imagine that you and your friend have been texting for hundreds of days and suddenly one of you forgets and the sequence ends. The truth is that maintaining a Snapchat Streak takes a lot of effort, especially when people have been playing for days and start to get tired.

Another thing that can destroy your streak is some platform bug that can erase your results.

But, now that you know the ways a Snapchat Streak can disappear, it’s time to know what you can do. Unfortunately, the news is not good, because if the problem occurred because you or your friend forgot there is not much you can do than starting the count from zero. You can even turn to Snapchat, but if they’re convinced it was your mistake, your Streak won’t be recovered.

On the other hand, when the bug is from the platform, it is enough to contact support and explain the situation, as they have an obligation to get snapchat streak back.

However, this dynamic may not do so much good for self-esteem, as that user who can’t have a Snapchat Streak that long may feel frustrated and think that they don’t have such deep bonds of friendship.

Snapchat streak support: How to access it?

If you’ve lost your Snapchat streak, there’s a chance to get it back through in-app support. To do this, go to the platform support page. There you can view details about what may have happened, but if you are not satisfied, start a complaint by filling out a form and explaining what happened. Maybe this way, you’ll get your Snapchat Streak back.

What was the longest snapchat Streak?

Let’s end our text with a curiosity. After all, do you know what was the longest Snapchat Streak? Apparently, that record belongs to Illy Zaino and Kat Bruneau who have started a streak since the feature was introduced to the app. On May 11, 2021 they had 2120 days.

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