How to win an Instagram Giveaway – 4 top tips

Winning an Instagram giveaway is the wish of many people. Because, those who use this social media frequently, always see a lot of things being distributed to users.

It is possible to win perfumes, books, tickets, appliances and even money. The fact is that the bigger the prize, the more competitive it will be. So many people sign up for every giveaway, but get frustrated because they never manage to win anything.

But aside from the luck factor, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances. And, in this text, we will give important tips.

Who knows, you might be the next to win that Instagram giveaway everyone desires?

How does Instagram giveaway work?

Instagram giveaways don’t have many secrets. Basically, a person or company advertises some type of product, whether physical or digital, on their profile, which their followers will compete for as long as they follow some rules.

Generally, the photo is published with an eye-catching image where the users can see all the details and even disclose the post to other people.

This image will also include the day of the giveaway, so that all users can follow the disclosure of the result. Sometimes, to ensure that there was no fraud, the

administrators do a live.

To select the winner, they choose a corresponding number or their own name. Sometimes they use programs like:

  • ShortStack;
  • Heyo;
  • Wishpond;
  • Sorteiogram;
  • AppTuts;
  • WooBox.

These programs can do the drawing automatically. And then, the organizers disclose the result to everyone and proceed to the prize delivery, which will only be held if the lucky one is following all the rules.

Why do Individuals do giveaways on Instagram?

Individuals holding giveaways on Instagram is one of the most common things on the platform. Because many users dream of growing their pages by attracting more followers, and a well-organized giveaway can be a great way to leverage your numbers.

Several users, when registering to participate in the giveaway, end up liking the content of the page and become permanent followers.

Legal entities also want to increase their number of followers, but the main purpose of a giveaway for them is to promote a particular product or service.

Usually, they give away a sample so that users know the quality and become loyal customers.

The good thing about trying to win this type of giveaway is that they tend to be more organized and with less chance of fraud and deception.

How to find giveaways on Instagram?

how to win an Instagram Giveaway
How to win an Instagram Giveaway

If you’ve ever felt the taste of winning giveaways on Instagram, or are looking for the first one, you should know that it’s very important to find a good opportunity. Because, many people end up entering giveaways that are not so advantageous or that are worth things they don’t need.

But, in case you don’t know where to look for good opportunities, we have some very useful tips to help you:

● One of the best ways to find giveaways of the most diverse types is using the platform’s search bar and #draws. When doing the search starting with that word, several options will appear, and you can refine the search by including the name of a specific service or product;

● Follow profiles of people and stores that promote things you’d like to earn. Sooner or later a good draw will appear. Mainly, if it is on the Instagram of digital celebrities, as these people sign several partnerships and, even if they do not carry out any giveaway, they can end up promoting great options created by some of their partners;

● If you already know what you want to win, follow directly the companies that produce this type of product, this way it will be much easier to know when a giveaway is about to happen.

Tips for winning giveaways on Instagram

Now the most awaited moment of this article has come, because we are going to give you tips for you to win giveaways on Instagram. It is clear that promotions of this type, if carried out in a reputable way, should not benefit anyone, and to win you must rely on luck.

But, there are some things that can be done so that you have a real chance of winning. Because, many times, users lose their prizes for not having paid attention to some very important details, and thus, it can happen that they are waiting for the draw, when in fact they are not even registered correctly to actually compete.

So, follow our 4 valuable tips and never run the risk of letting a prize slip through your fingers again. Also read: Tips on how to sell on instagram.

1. Select the best giveaways

This tip is basic and we even talked a little about it above, but it must be added that it is important to filter the draws and choose the best ones. Because, if you register in all that appear, you will end up making mistakes when registering and it will also be more difficult to check the results.

So don’t overdo it and focus on what you want.

2. Follow the rules to win giveaways on Instagram

Many people make the basic mistake of not paying attention to all the rules of the draw. That way, even if they are selected, they will lose the prize for not complying with the rules.

So, when you see the announcement of a giveaway, read everything carefully and calmly, and if you still have any questions, ask the organizer.

This is very important, as all giveaways ask the participant to fulfill a series of requirements, such as:

  • Like the photo of the draw;
  • Share the image;
  • Tag a certain number of friends;
  • Make a comment on a specific topic;
  • Follow other profiles that are helping to sponsor the prize.
  • But remember that there is no standard. The organizer may ask you to fulfill all of the above requirements or just some of them, or even others that are not on this list, as there is nothing that obliges the organizer to do in a specific way. Therefore, he can define the criteria as he sees fit.

The important thing is not to miss any details.

3. Be careful when tagging friends

As we saw above, one of the main rules of the draw is to tag friends. Often, the winner is selected through comments, so the more comments and tagged friends you have, the better your chances.

However, care must be taken. It’s not worth despairing and tagging as many friends as possible at the same time. Well, if you’re really thirsty for the pot, Instagram can mark your profile as suspicious and block your account.

So goodbye prize!

To get around this, you need to tag your friends at intervals. That is, tag some now, and after an hour, tag others, and so on.

4. Make the right comments

There are some giveaways where the requirement is that you make comments of any kind, so it will be worth it if you write just one word, or a very simple sentence.

But there are others that are more specific and ask the interested party to comment on a topic.

So, don’t get confused and pay close attention to the type of rule adopted by the Instagram giveaway you want to win.

Learn how to avoid scams when trying to win an Instagram Giveaway

Sorteio no Instagram aprenda a fazer
How to win an Instagram Giveaway

Winning an Instagram giveaway is great and addictive. Once you get your first win, you’ll never want to stop participating. But, as with everything in this life, there are always those willing to strike a blow at people of good faith.

To avoid this, you need to take some basic precautions that can help you identify the truth or not of a draw.

Be wary of fancy prizes

If you found a giveaway that will give you a car, a house, or who knows, 100 thousand reais, be careful. Many of these advertisements are fake and are only intended to gain followers for some profiles.

So, unless it is done by a person or company of extreme trust, avoid this type of proposal.

Look for previous giveaways held by the same page

A good way to identify a serious profile is by researching if he has done previous giveaways. If the answer is yes, try to find out more about the procedures adopted: was everything done in an organized manner, were users treated with respect, and did the winner really receive the award?

Prefer Instagram giveaways carried out clearly

There are giveaways out there that actually deliver the prize, but not always the winner is drawn fairly. So, to avoid scams, always follow the draw live and see if there is anything strange during the procedure, such as cuts, crashes or any suspicious movement of the program used.

Keep the giveaway publicity photo saved

Often, to benefit a certain group, increasing their chances of winning, the directors change the rules of the draw at the last minute, without telling anyone and making changes so subtle that no one even notices.

Thus, most of the competitors end up excluded.

Then, when the winner is selected, check that he or she has met all the rules, and that those rules were the same as when the promotion started.

If you follow all these tips, it is possible to win an Instagram giveaway, even with a certain frequency.

Don’t give up, and keep participating!

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